How to avoid mosquito bites

EarthSky has three tips for reducing your risk of being bitten by mosquitoes. The first is to recognize that mossies are most active during dusk and dawn and to make sure you stay away from the damp and humid places where they might be buzzing.


Secondly, don’t exercise or do anything strenuous during the periods the bitey critters are most active as they are attracted to carbon dioxide and will spot you puffing and panting and stick it to you.

Thirdly, wear light clothes, mosquitoes home in on dark surfaces more keenly than light colours. That said, I’d recommend not wearing yellow, which attracts other putative biters and flies and looks awful on 99% of people anyway, QEII excepted, of course.

My own tip, I also found that I got bitten less by mossies when I’d been drinking tomato juice on Mediterranean holidays…this is pure anecdote and anecdote does not equal evidence. Nevertheless, it’s a good excuse for a Bloody Mary or two. If you do get bitten switch to gin and tonic for the quinine…it won’t stop you getting malaria, but will make you forget about the itching.

The EarthSky feature can be found here.

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