Hubble enhanced, open science, bogus research

These are a few of the science stories that caught my eye this past week:

  • Hubble’s 20th anniversary treat – A stupendous image of a distant region of space, colour enhanced (of course) but amazing nevertheless.
  • Draft White Paper – Researcher identifiers – How about a "SciID", like OpenID or a DOI but for identifying individual researchers? A barcode tattoo would get you into conferences you'd paid for too…or maybe not…
  • Norway: brainwashed science on TV creates storm – The Norwegians have taken science to heart
  • Researchers “Addicted” to Bogus Internet Studies – Spurious studies published on the internet that reveal just how addicted we are to research into internet addiction reveal that internet addictions studies are addictive…
  • Is chemistry incompatible with web 2.0? – Looks to me like the question should be what can chemists do next to build on web 2.0 for the science?
  • Storing carbon dioxide in cement – My first article in Technology Review for many years discusses the possibility of making green concrete, a material that rather than releasing CO2 into the atmosphere would lead to a net reduction by absorbing the greenhouse gas throughout the material's life cycle.

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