Dehydrated Water

hydridic-oxygen-subhydrateMeanwhile, I have been trawling the medical and scientific literature for more than two decades, hoping to spot a genuine medical panacea that might also be used to get greasy deposits off your kitchen surfaces.

Now, is the time to reveal what I’ve found Hydridic Oxygen(II) Subhydrate (HOS). This dessicated compound is astounding. It looks and behaves like Dihydrogen Monoxide but has none of the lethal effects.

The DHMO site explains that Dihydrogen Monoxide itself, although colourless and odourless, is in reality hydric acid, whichcontains the incredibly reactive hydroxyl radical. This chemical species can cause mutations in DNA, damage essential proteins, and even burst cell membranes. Moreover, it can alter the critical biochemistry of neurotransmitters in the brain. It is a common chemical found in soda even those without benzene, desserts, all kinds of meat, and countless beauty products. Indeed, DHMO is present in many cosmetics at much higher levels than even nanoparticles.

Hydridic Oxygen(II) Subhydrate, in contrast, has none of these properties. Indeed, whereas hydric acid has an astoundingly high specific heat capacity and expands on cooling below its freezing point, HOS has an infinitesimal heat capacity even at absolute zero and is not affected by temperature fluctuations.

It is in the world of medicine that HOS reveals its true character, by reacting this compound with hydronium hydroxide it is possible to produce a substance that exists in a fluxional redox state bound in the liquid phase by hydrogen bonds. This material has properties closely aligned with DHMO and can act as both detox preparation, hangover cure, and with the addition of ionic surfactants can even remove greasy deposits from kitchen surfaces.

Environmentalists may offer cautionary tales of the use of excess quantities of this material especially given that the redox form of HOS is present throughout our homes. However, it is possible to eradicate HOS from the domestic environment, with a substance best described as copious.

HOS could be a boon for travellers, as it has such a low density that it is essentially weightless, and only requires handling in an air-filled storage container, the gaseous contents of which can easily be displaced. Just add water.

Meanwhile, there is currently widespread discussion on the internet of products such as filtered, ionised alkaline water. The hype surrounding these super-water products claims how they are “better” than bottled water and have a more positive effect on your health and can even clean your drains.

According to dozens of sales sites, the filtering system for producing this special water could allow you to replace medicines and even household cleaning products. The so-called antioxidant properties of these special waters are so powerful they are even recommended by their supporters as the ultimate hangover cure.

Apparently, you can set the alkalinity/acid, the pH, to produce medicinal water, cleaning product or hangover cure as you see fit.

But, I’m afraid there’s nothing special about this supposedly uniquely filtered water that separates it from bog-standard tap water or even the priciest of spring-fresh mountain water. It’s H2O however you look at it.

For those on 2009-04-01 who assumed that hydridic oxygen(II) subhydrate was some new scary substance, check out the new title to this blog post and think again.

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