Hot science for flaming June

  • Low-temperature fraud detection – A low-temperature plasma probe can identify art fraud without damaging the artwork, which is important should the work turn out to be genuine.
  • Flat-packed particles – Graphene is a material comprising sheets of carbon just one atom thick; graphene is like a single layer of graphite. However, it was the discovery that it has some peculiar electronic properties because of the existence of massless quasiparticles that has led to an explosion of interest in this material. Some researchers suggest that ultimately it will become the material that gives us a post-silicon world in computing.
  • Yet another supernova – Just when you’d given up hope of another starburst, a third type comes along unannounced! This third class of previously unidentified supernova could help explain some anomalous observations in the night sky and even how our bodies come to contain so much calcium.
  • Skin cancer – Burning questions about malignant melanoma are more than skin deep
  • Water calculator – How much water does your household use each year, how big is the carbon footprint for that usage, what savings could you make?
  • Natural Health, Placebos and Gibberish – Great bit of skeptical vandalism in the name of science and rationalism from Dr Dean Burnett. Spot the difference!

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