Just your average graduation ceremony…but what this student does next will make you ROFL

Graduation ceremonies are rarely exciting affairs…except for family members watching their beloved chill roll up in a mortarboard and cape to grab their scroll. But, watch one student, Alexander Godfrey, at his graduation ceremony as he exits stage right…you won’t believe what he does after the ceremonial handshake with the dignitaries…

Alex is a first class graduate of Birmingham City University’s BSc in Sound Production and Engineering and now works with a music software and hardware company.

Mum, Wendy Godfrey, was more than a little bemused whilst videoing her son’s graduation on her phone. “I didn’t know he was going to do it,” she laughs. “As he was about to leave the stage he raised his mortarboard and I thought he was going to throw it in the air, like they do, but then he did this victory roll across the stage, almost everyone in the auditorium, was laughing!”

She adds that, “Nothing my boy does surprises me, I blame the acting lessons we spent a fortune on over the years. Give him a stage and he’ll take a mile. He’s always the centre of attention because of his antics, he’s got an album coming out soon, you know?”

Speaking of which Alex confirmed to Sciencebase that his album based on his Acid Tea music project will indeed be out at the end of 24th August. “It’s an ultra-colourful, poem-filled CD album of my psychedelic electronic jazzy/bluesy/rock experiments…” Alex enthuses.

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