Last Dance – a song

My “After the Lockdown” EP/LP was meant to hum a positive note as we seemed to be emerging from the covid pandemic, not that that will really be a thing, this disease is with us forever now, it will become endemic with its endless variants (there are more than 10000 of those by now) like influenza…

…so, my latest song didn’t end up quite as positive as the allusions of ones written and recorded earlier in the year. Once again featuring Taylor acoustic six-string guitar, Fender Telecaster electric guitar (always on the neck pickup), Yamaha electric bass guitar, percussion and synths played on an AKAI MPK-mini keyboard and pads, and my usual Geordie & Western vocals. Free to download as part of the After the Lockdown 8-track

Last Dance

There is no mystery to the grander scheme of things
Just simple truth revealed and the love that it will bring
We take the warmth from wherever it may spring
Don’t let the cold in. To the memories, you must cling

It’s not the time and place for absolving those who sin
There is no season in which we cannot begin
To find the rhyme and reason to take it on the chin
Just let me know and I’ll inform the next of kin

Here we go, last drink before the show
Down in one and then it’s on you go
Here we go! Last dance, for all you know
Spin around, you’ve got to go with the flow

The tide is turning against the treachery of kings
Beyond the waves deceptive traces on the wing
We find the truth in the strangest places, that’s for sure
We’re so much older than we admit to, don’t you know?

Here we go, another fix for the show
Shoot it up and then it’s on you go
Here we go. Last chance for you to show
your aching heart in the afterglow

Accidental allusions to Adele’s Skyfall, Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black, and Terent Trent D’Arby’s Sign Your Name, Jimi Hendrix’s Little Wing.

Chords: Bm7/Bm(add4) GM7/GM13/Em(add9) F#7s4/F# E7s4/E/Es4