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  • Cannabis should be licensed and sold in shops, expert says – Cannabis should be legalised for the over-21s with approval from a doctor. I know several doctors…wonder if they'll approve?
  • Oprah magazine and pseudoscience – Did a science columnist for Oprah’s magazine get fired for her views on pseudoscience?
  • Scientific locations, Google mapped – It's been a while since I added any scientific sites to this Google map but mention of Britain's brainiest cemetary couldn't go unmentioned, so just added Cambridge's Ascension Parish burial ground to Scientific Places map –
  • Six reasons scientists should talk to journalists – There are many reasons why scientists shouldn't talk to journalists…but then there are many stronger reasons why they should.
  • Vitamin B12 not likely to be an Alzheimer’s cure – Recent research on vitamin B and an Alzheimer's link suggested that mega doses could stave off dementia. The research proves nothing but does pave the way for future research. Based on the limited evidence gathered so far, it is really too early to claim that vitamin B can prevent clinical disease.
  • Domestic wind turbines – If these actually work and aren't too expensive, put me down for half a dozen.

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