Listening to digitized vinyl

Listening to digitized vinyl – I'm currently writing a piece for sciencetext about the price of digital goods, including mp3s and CDs etc. While researching the article, I discovered this interesting item on being an audiophile in the modern age and listening to digital recordings of vinyl records. Sounds interesting: "I would like to be an audiophile. I say “I’d like to be”, rather than “I am” because I don’t have audiophile equipment. I have an okay stereo as home bookshelf stereos go, but it’s sort of overdue for an update and (more importantly) an upgrade. But I’d easily be looking at £1500-2000 for a step up of the kind I’d really be interested in. Turntable, amp and speakers alone. And that’s barely scratching the surface – and the bottom surface at that – of audiophile gear."

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