Local archaeology in Rampton, Cambridgeshire

It looks like they’re going to develop the old paddock in front of All Saints’ Church in Rampton, Cambridgeshire. The archeologists are in right now from Oxford Archaeology East and have a couple of days of digging and sifting to do.


I spoke to one of their team, Richard Mortimer, as I was passing and asked what was going on. He told me they were hoping to find some Saxon relics and were digging down to the natural layer (orange clay) beneath the darker top soil and clay (about half a metre, I’d estimate).




The church itself is in records dating back to 1092 AD. I assume that despite the fact that they found a Roman sherd in a metre-deep archaeological dig they did in our front garden a few years back (within a mile of this site), they’re assuming there will be no Roman pottery here, now that they’ve hit the orange clay. At some point OA East will publish the legal report on their dig and I will get back to you if they turned up anything interesting.


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