Molecules, materials and British science

This is my first batch of delicious science links for this week:

  • Dendrimersome library – A library of supramolecular materials that can form hollow vesicles with potential in therapeutic drug and gene delivery, imaging diagnostics, as well as the cosmetics industry has been developed by researchers in Finland and the USA.
  • Telescopic eye implant – The US FDA has approve a telescopic eye implant for late-stage macular degeneration
  • David Willetts – Science, Innovation and the Economy – What does the British government think of science?
  • Great news for Gulf of Mexico oil companies – US appeals court opens door to new drilling in Gulf of Mexico
  • Sex in the desert – University of Arizona research suggests that sex is nothing more than a very pleasurable way to fix DNA
  • The little flaw in the longevity-gene study – As ever, genetics studies are not as simple as you'd think. The so-called "longevity genes" reported by others last week allegedly turn out to be the product of a faulty DNA chip and inept peer review.

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