My first solo book in time for Christmas

I’ve collaborated on a few books over the years with esteemed authors such as John Gribbin, Adam Hart-Davis, Ian Stewart, Robert Slinn, even Richard Dawkins. Admittedly for the most part, by collaboration I simply mean I contributed a chapter or section to a book to which those people also contributed, although I did edit the chemistry chapters written by Hart-Davis in a Dorling Kindersley tome.

Anyway, it’s time for a solo flight. I’ve already sharpened my quill, drawn some blood, and scrawled my name on the vellum contract (actually I just copy and pasted my digital signature into a PDF). I cannot tell you much more at this point, except to say that I’ve already seen some cover design ideas from the graphics people (redacted version pictured). We’ve also had some good feedback for the concept via my publisher from her trip to the recent London Book Fair. I’ve even filed a chapter for test-typesetting so we can finalise the size and breadth of this mighty tome. Oh, did I say, it should be ready in plenty of time for the end of year holidays (whether you’re celebrating Xmas, the northern Winter Solstice or having a beach BBQ down under).

Title, you say? Yes we have one. It came to me in a flash of inspiration after a bigMouth rehearsal and thrashing around a few of the book’s ideas with my fellow singers…I’ll hold off revealing any more until I’ve at least had the test proofs back for that first chapter. Suffice to say, it’s hopefully going to be as informative, entertaining and witty(?) as the Sciencebase blog and a definite top entry on your Amazon Wishlist later this year…

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