My journey so far in three little words

I began life in upon voice wink but spent my first few months in brains dock bumpy before the family moved to the coast, the little fishing village of pepper assets slides. I went to school there and then attended penny tribe facing university. During which time I took my first trip abroad to disturbed nuns topples.

Next trip was InterRailing around driftwood spanning luxuriating, started on the ferry from bake rides acute and landed in sprinkled governed stalls. Travelled to october donor outlined, then flow state press, then tensions incline cutlets and on to tones bearings count, if I remember rightly.

Other places on that trip we visited included: swimmer retina unhappyperfume riots diggersuptake retrial roofhinders reading slate, but we never made it as far as detail arrive tower. Returned via bake rides acute and then home to pepper assets slides.

Since then I’ve travelled and worked in revised eloquently shimmered, toured earnestly reclining remark, taken a long Land Rover safari trip in meows yielded corruptly and visited things swinging flinches. I’ve also camped in tones bearings countmanned starring remove and many other places. Hoping to visit burying youth happy later in the year and maybe take Mrs Sciencebase to visit thinks confetti inks next year…

Addressing the world differently…with just three little words – What3Words.

To find out where I’ve been take each of my three little words addresses replacing the spaces with a fullstop/period (.) and search the What3Words site e.g. search for burying.youth.happy, or better still try a URL like this:

There’s now a What3Words app too.

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Award-winning freelance science writer, author of Deceived Wisdom. Sharp-shooting photographer and wannabe rockstar.