Notes for a Periodic Table of Elements Songs

Working on creating a Periodic Table of the Elements in which each entry is a song:

Love is Like Oxygen – The Sweet
Gold – Spandau Ballet
Helium – Feeder
Titanium – David Guetta

Pocket full of Kryptonite?”

Radiohead ‘My Iron Lung’?

Lithium – Nirvana, Iron Man – Black Sabbath, Boron Under A Bad Sign – Cream

Kraftwerk – Uranium, Titanium and Neon Lights all songs :-)

Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, Iron Lung, Mercury (Bloc Party), Titanium (David Guetta)

Pencil Full of Lead – Paolo Nutini (even if inaccurate)?

Tin Soldier – Small Faces, Silver Machine – Hawkwind

“Copper” by Shellac?…

“Einsten on a Beach” by Counting Crows for Einsteinium. Closest we’re gonna get:

When You Ar(e )Gon(e) – Avril Lavigne, Neon Lights – OMD, Oxygen – Spice Girls, Mercury – Counting Crows

Arcade Fire, “Neon Bible.” You get a whole album for periodic table, done by an Aristotelian element.

Oxygen by JJ72…easy one!

Iodine been waiting for a girl like you? #periodictablesongs
4:23 PM, Feb 7th via Twitter for iPhone

Carbon, carbon, carbon chameleon

Neon Tiger – The Killers

Platinum Blond by Paris Hilton!

Oxygene by Jean-Michell Jarre

“Palladium Nights” Ray Barretto, “The Chlorine Vendor” Ed Kuepper, “Tin Machine” Tin Machine, “Antimony” Robert Miles, “Float In An Iridium Sea” Noisettes, “Barium Springs” New Radical Storm Kings.

George Clinton’s Parliament “Osmium”

Mercury – Counting Crows

Sulfur – Slipknot

John Fowler – The Iodine Song
Dysprosium is a 5-piece melodic metal band based in the inner-eastern suburbs of Melbourne

Rhodium Records released an album by a band called Angry Chiwawah

There were many others…thanks to twitter and Facebook friends!

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