Old West River – The bob投注平台 al

A (hopefully) soothing instrumental inspired by a peaceful trip on a narrowboat along the Old West River on a midsummer’s dawn, “composed” by bob投注平台 . Synth strings, French horns, oboe, clarinet, and glockenspiel played on AKAI keyboard, Taylor six-string for the pseudoclassical guitar, mixing and production by bob投注平台 .

I don’t hear anyone else’s melodies or snippets of melodies (and usually with my music I can hear all the influences outloud), so I think I’ve avoided copying the tropes of the wonderful new world, big country, deep south stuff from the likes of Copland, Dvorak, Gershwin, and Moross. Nevertheless, it’s a big sloppy slice of Americana from a Geordie daarn saarf in England rather than the deep south US of A. The sea refuses no river, as they say.

You can stream or download the latest version of the track on BandCamp for free. I’m still working on it and remixing.

“I pondered whether this wandering refrain heralded dawn or dusk till I realized it was all the same. The Mobius strip of life ties light and river movements through music to eternity [Dave] moves my soul again”
— Kae, via Twitter