Organ donors on Facebook and Twitter

UPDATE #EveryLittleBitHelps – hashtag H/T to @JoForrest

There is far too much squeamishness regarding organ donation and transplant. Some of it is down to emotional attachment and denial, which is to be expected. Much of it is due to our own death anxiety, again an evolutionarily adaptation one can assume. Then there’s the question of religion, which muddies the waters of many a debate.

Regardless, it is time to break the taboos and quell the squeamishness. The potential for social media is great in this regard. If an 83-year old British man can donate a kidney to an anonymous recipient, purely altruistically and claim his fifteen minutes of fame in life, then each of us should stand up and be counted before it’s too late. Opt into the donor generation, tweet it, update your Facebook page, Google+ about it. Of course, breaking taboos needs slogans, so how about a few to get started…

Kidneys out! And proud

I have a spleen!

Too many broken hearts in the world (need a transplant)

Every little (organ) helps

Transplantation, that’s the name of the game

Hearts out for the lads

I only have eyes for you (and liver, kidneys and more)

A stitch in time, saves lives

Show me yours and I’ll give you mine

When will there be an organ harvest for the world?

And one for Apple fans: iDonate

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