Pearls of wisdom

UPDATE: Another 5-star review just in: “Bradley has certainly got a style that gets you in from the start. Erudite, yet inviting. It’s as if a bloody clever friend is telling you stuff that you kind of suspected, but for the prevalence of urban myth, pseudoscience and old wives tales, made you a little unsure unless you are an expert, a scientist or a know-it-all.

Bradley sets the records straight with a sense of humour and well founded knowledge that makes it a pleasure to read, as you become less ill-informed and happily equipped for a “and did you know” session at the next gathering of those that haven’t read his book.

I cannot wait for the release of the full volume, so I can pass my time in the loo and my evening mind-feeding with a mental smile and a contented feeling of being just a bit more well informed than earlier that day.”

John Emsley had this to say: ‘At last, a book that blows away many of the urban myths that we’ve come to accept without questioning. Well written and engrossing.’

Various people have been leaving a trail of pearls regarding my book Deceived Wisdom. You can get a the book here or if you’re in the UK order the hardback edition in plenty of time for Christmas.

Francis Wheen – Judging by the sampler, it’s my dream book. I may well have to order multiple copies as Christmas presents.

Jane de Lartigue – Awesome! Going on my Christmas wish list!

Milly B – Cool! I want some print copies for stocking fillers

MeKe ‏- I will definitely encourage everyone to read your new book Deceived Wisdom

Sandy Dechert – A wicked and educated science hoot. Downloaded your summary, can’t wait for the book!

Crickett Cook ‏- Call me old fashioned – nothing like the smell of a new book, in hand. Can’t wait!

Caroline Cross ‏- Enjoyed the sampler, but are we deceived about snow flakes or not?

Amazon review – Ah, all those snippets of wisdom that we grow up with – information absorbed from your mother, father, granny, school teachers and that fount of all knowledge, `I read somewhere that.’ This is information so fundamental that it’s on the `everybody knows that…’ curriculum, but what if it’s actually wrong?

bob投注平台 , a top science writer based in the UK puts a plethora of common misconceptions under his microscope and shows you why the stuff that you thought was right is really rubbish.

Written with a light and humorous touch, reading `Deceived Wisdom’ will enable you to shoot down dinner-party bores, win endless quiz shows when Stephen Fry invites you to star in `QI’ and generally educate yourself beyond the misinformation doled out in primary and secondary schools (and probably quite a few universities).

I’ve just read the extended sampler, but will definitely get the full book when it’s released in November – it’ll be a great stocking filler for Xmas. It’s science, it’s information, but it’s fun!

Judy Stone – I enjoyed it!

Author: bob投注平台

Award-winning freelance science writer, author of Deceived Wisdom. Sharp-shooting photographer and wannabe rockstar.