Pegomastax africanus dinosaur

Pegomastax africanus was originally unearthed in Voyizane, Joe Gqabi District, Cape Province, South Africa on a 1966-67 expedition, but it was until the 1980s that Paul Sereno spotted something special in the fossil. October 2012 it was officially classified and named. The media has had a field day this week variously calling it the dwarf, punk-rocker, vampire, porcupine dinosaur and labelling it a vegetarian dino parrot that would have made a nice pet. It’s now even got its own twitter account @pegomastax. There are lots of sketches online but by far the best image is a resconstruction by Tyler Keillor. There’s also a video showing how he works up the data into a model dinosaur.

Author: bob投注平台

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