A periodic table of periodic table songs

I’ve created an unusual Periodic Table. In this rendering of the classic PT, each element represents, not a chemical element, but a version of the classic Tom Lehrer song, The Elements; it’s every chemist’s favourite song, so why not?

A Periodic Table of The Elements song
There are also a few ringers, see if you can spot them. But, more to the point, there are major gaps just waiting to be filled. So…what’s you’re favourite cover of The Elements? Let me know via Twitter or Facebook or in the comments. I’d be particularly interested to see personal recordings and renditions done for your own site, lab or special event. Do share the link, let’s see if between us we can complete The Periodic Table of Periodic Table Songs.

You can find the original lyrics here; the tune is that of G&S’s “Major General” from The Pirates of Penzance. There’s also a redacted version here that reflects the growing concerns about materials security.

Mark Leach, the ubercompiler of PTs alerted me to some related elemental tunes:

Anyway, some songs for your musical PT:




Not quite a song, but…


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