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The Periodic Table 58 on Explore 11 14 07

The Periodic Table,   #58 on Explore 11/14/07
Periodic table names, it’s an odd phrase, what does it mean? It obviously means something to dozens and dozens of visitors to who hit the site from the search engines looking for that exact phrase. I puzzled for ages trying to figure out what these visitors were after. Were they simply looking for different types of periodic table? There are lots of sites out there that discuss traditional, modified, circular, three-dimensional and some rather bizarre periodic tables (there are PTs for desserts and sexual positions, (NSFW) you may care to know).

Then I spotted a follow up search from a cluster of subsequent visitors, they were searching for not just “periodic table names” but “periodic table with names”. Then a query came in that was even more explicit – “periodic table with element names”. Duh! I thought to myself. They’re simply looking for a PT that not only has the elemental symbols but gives the full name of the element to which the symbol refers. Well, the answer to that query is easy – yes. Best among a big bunch has to be good friend Mark Winter’s site based out of Sheffield University WebElements.

So, there’s the answer. Unless you know otherwise…

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