Pier review and quay metrics

UPDATE: Looks like the tide has turned and that there is now pier pressure to come up with the biggest breaker. David Dobbs now tells us there is no one shore path to assessment.

Earlier, I mentioned hypothes.is and how it was hoping to bring peer review to the internet. Immediately, the idea was greeted with derision by some. But curiously, luisitomavila was concerned that pier review (sic) would never be allowed by the government. Pier review? Lovely typo, put me in mind of a grading system for Southwold, Brighton and Tynemouth’s shoreline appendages. John Jackson of the Natural History Musuem then piped up and asked if “the use of pier review fairer than quay performance indicators?”

Luis then told us that at first he felt like an ass, but then that was the exact part of his body that fell off laughing. Unfortunately, in the UK the joke doesn’t work with that word as we have donkeys on our beaches. Speaking of which, science teacher Ian then retorted that, “either way people beach about it. Personally I’m tide of it all.” He wouldn’t dignify my follow-up with a response but he did wave…

Andrew Miller just shipped in to point out that pirate journals use single-blind pier review.

So, in the spirit of pursuing a typo to the bitter end, let’s end on a joke:

ISI, ISI, ISI! Why do crabs walk sideways?

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