Pivot Points

The Euroscientist just published my tenth monthly Pivot Points editorial column, so I thought I’d offer readers a recap on what I’ve discussed over the last ten months and in the three feature articles prior to that: everything from bee colony collapse disorder, the myth surrounding diet cola poisoning and zombie molecules; take your pick:

  • Hazardous chemicals crossing borders – Illicit samples imported
  • Science of sounds – Mark Changizi’s unique explanation of music
  • Addicted to addiction – Tabloid sensationalism and living life to the full
  • Life energy and zombie molecules – The life force and healthy skepticism
  • The big cheese and the director’s cut – Armstrong’s fluff and moon landing truths
  • Cracked conjectures – Mad inventions and maverick theories
  • Is your diet cola blinding? – Aspartame is not the poison claimed
  • Is 10,000 hours practice enough? Practice makes perfect, or does it?
  • Criminal Chemists – Chemists making synthetic highs
  • A, Bee, CCD – What are not the causes of colony collapse disorder?
  • A chemical Christmas – Yuletide fun
  • Interview with Lucy Marcus – Blue skies research – Industry expert opinions
  • Why scientists are waiting for Web 3.0 – The advent of the semantic web

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