Plain or Vanilla Pheromones

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The latest issue of chemistry webzine Reactive Reports is now online, in this month’s issue:
Plain or Vanilla  Some men smell of vanilla while others smell of urine, but it is not always down to personal hygiene or ice-cream tainted Cologne.

Light Controlled Magic Bullet  Targeting diseased tissue directly with the drug to teach it, the so-called magic bullet, came a step closer thanks to work by Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics Colin McCoy of Queen’s University Belfast and his colleagues.

Insecticidal Synthesis  Professor Steven Ley of Cambridge University and his colleagues over the last two decades have been on a chemical odyssey to make the natural insecticide azadirachtin.                                                         

Fire Resistant Paint  A way to toughen up the latex particles used to make emulsion paints has been developed by UK chemists.

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