Police evacuate university campus

UPDATE: Roads are re-opening, suspicious package was not, apparently, a bomb.

UPDATE: Jenny Rohn just updated us: “Apparently there is a suspicious package in the Whittington hospital A&E – avoid Archway station and environs if you can, all locked down. ”

UPDATE: McDonald’s evacuated. Obviously, no food wasted by those abandoning their “meal”.

UPDATE: @HornseyJournal Just updated us: “Rumours of bomb alert at or near Archway Tube station/Whittington Hospital now. Buildings nearby being evacuated. Police helicopter there.”

Cell biologist Jenny Rohn just tweeted that “Police have asked us to evacuate Archway campus of University College London” and asks if anyone know whats going down? No responses have appeared as yet, be interesting to know if she has a twitter scoop on something interesting. Anyone know?

Hope she and her colleagues are all safe. Do keep us informed Jenny.

Twitter / JennyRohn: Police have asked us to evacuate ….

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