Pondlife clarity

Our pond has, this week, started to show signs of clarity, we can see the gravel at the bottom now and although it’s not perfectly clear it seems to have achieved some kind of balance at last. That said, it occurred to me after writing the initial draft of this blog post that the thing that did it was transplanting one of the plants into a bigger pot of aquatic soil; that was about a week ago. The low-nutrient aquatic soil has presumably added something to the water or is acting as a filter and led to this new clarification. Of course, what this now means is I need to find a way to camouflage the tubs and the hose you can now see at the bottom of the pond!

There have been sporadic sightings of at least a couple of frogs for a few weeks now. I added some water snails from a friend’s as previously mentioned, and I could actually see them moving around in the newly clear water. I also added a couple more plants including the mimulus in the photo above, maybe that helped with the clarification too.

Damselflies have been investigating again today…which is good…and there is an abundance of mosquito larvae…not so nice.

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