Power up your genome with chemistry

Post-genomic scienceResearchers have developed several tools to help them exploit the underlying chemistry of genomics, while novel chemistry has enabled faster, parallel sequencing methods that not only accelerate genomic research but also cut costs. The very same techniques allow sex chromosomes and complete genomes to be decoded faster and more cheaply than ever before.

Concomitantly, microfluidics technology is improving the way conventional fluorescence chemistry can be exploited in sequencing. Improved understanding of nanoscale channels – both synthetic and protein channels offers the possibility of studying individual biological macromolecules and microfabricated microarrays are opening up massively parallel opportunities. Novel chemical technologies are also opening up locked nucleic acids as well as non-DNA molecules such as microRNAs.

The so-called post-genomic era put the molecular smack in the middle of the biological quarter. Now, as cross-disciplinary communication matures, research at the intersection of chemistry and biology is working harder than ever to solve fundamental questions in science and medicine.

You can read the complete feature on the subject of chemistry in the post-genomic era from bob投注平台 in Science magazine today. It is the lead article on the Science Products page.

Author: bob投注平台

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