Curing Pubmedophobia

Scienceroll’s Bertalan Meskó has come up with a solution for PubMed fatigue. It’s a debilitating condition that leads to feelings of inadequacy, but it’s not the patient who feels inadequate it’s the PubMed bot itself. “For a site that is as vital to scientific progress as PubMed is, their search engine is shamefully bad. It’s embarrassingly, frustratingly, painfully bad,” says Anna Kushnir on her nature networks blog.

So, Meskó has been connecting up some pipes on the interwebs to come up with the Scienceroll Search. Basically, a personalized medical search engine powered by “You can choose which databases to search in and which one to exclude from your list,” he explains, “It works with well-known medical search engines and databases and we’re totally open to add new ones or remove those you don’t really like.” I almost have a feeling it is something that might have been done with a personalized Google search, but I doubt it could be taken to this logical extreme in Google. So give it a try and leave feedback on Meskó’s site.

Author: bob投注平台

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