Reactive chemistry

MacrocycleThe latest issue of Reactive Reports (#63) is now online featuring a selection of the hottest science news and our interview with the new Managing Director of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Dr Robert Parker.

Also in this issue:

Cocoa Has Beans One of the natural compounds found in cocoa, teas, wine, and some fruit and vegetables could lead to a breakthrough in health and nutrition, according to US researchers.

Chemists Go Round the Bend Chemists often think of molecular wires as “shape-persistent” rods with limited flexibility, so says Oxford University’s Harry Anderson, and he should know, having worked with the inflexible nanoscopic objects known as molecules since the early 1990s.

Natural Copy Cat Green plants can extract carbon dioxide gas from the air and turn it into sugar molecules using sunlight and give off oxygen. Now, a catalyst could help us do the same.

Waste Not, Want Not A fungus that can convert waste paper into an antibacterial and super-absorbent material has been discovered by researchers at Borås University College in Sweden.

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