Red Bull Formula 1 Car Manual

Red Bull Formula 1 Car Manual – This book, an advance copy of which just pulled into the pits at Sciencebase Central, describes itself as “An insight into the technology, engineering, maintenance and operation of Red Bull racing. It’s the Haynes manual for the F1 car, the owner’s workshop manual, in the style of the classic Haynes manuals generations of British drivers have turned to when they wanted to change their spark plugs or adjust their tappets in pre-computerised driving days.

After the closest-fought season in F1 history, Sebastian Vettel became the youngest-ever World Champion. His car, the Red Bull RB6, the work of a team led by legendary F1 designer Adrian Newey, was the envy of the paddock, proving to be consistently faster than its rivals over the season. In this fascinating book, the Red Bull RB6 receives the Haynes Manual treatment, providing an unprecedented insight into the design, technology and engineering of an F1 car as well as the inner workings of Red Bull Racing. Obviously, more tech than sci, but a great summer read for F1 fans out there.


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