Rose-tinted earbuds

I just heard about a new product that’s on its way for the smart phone generation… Is this the audio equivalent of rose-coloured spectacles?


As far as I can tell, they’re hearing aids with a linked smart phone app that lets you tweak the EQ (graphic equaliser) and add FX (effects) to what you’re hearing around you. I suppose if your boss is droning on late in the day, a little reverb or a bit of flanger and a boost to the bass in their voice might make you feel better about not getting home on time. If that singer-songwriter isn’t quite as exciting in the pub as you’d hoped because you’re the designated driver and you’ve opted for a Jaffa cake and bodywash J2O, then adding a bit of trebly sparkle to the vocal and guitar using your app might be the way to go. Interesting way to make gaming more exciting too if your friend’s TV has dodgy speakers.

Of course, they might also be useful for the performer themselves, sample your own sound as you play and add effects, even if the audience cannot hear how good you are, at least you will know.

The developers say they’re personalising live audio for you with their gizmo whether that’s an acoustic set or a three-day fest. I fear that was with any augmented reality, switching it off will make you come back to real reality with a bump (albeit a muted not very bassy bump). However, if these ear buds are also ear protectors AND there’s noise-cancellation function in that app, you can sign me up now!

Author: bob投注平台

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