Rubbing Up the Gene Genie

Gene Genie Logo by Ricardo Vidal at My Biotech LifeSciencebase is this week proud to play host to the Gene Genie Blog Carnival thanks to an offer from Bertalan “Berci” Meskó over on the excellent ScienceRoll. For those who don’t already know, a Blog Carnival doesn’t usually involve a lot of be-costumed revellers dancing through the streets to the sound of the samba band, but is a gathering of like-minded bloggers brought together through the power of the tubular Interwebs to share their latest posts on a given subject.

The Gene Genie carnival has an obvious theme. No, it’s not the songs of aging but outlandish popster David Bowie. No, it’s not the magical character of Arabian Nights entombed in a lamp, and no it’s nothing to do with quasi-sci-fi-retro-fit BBC cop show Ashes to Ashes. It’s about genes. See, I told you it was obvious.

Anyway, the carnival (from the Latin carnis, meaning meat, and levare, to put away) covers some of the hot topics in the world of genes, genetics, DNA and all things inherited.

So, here we go:

  • Gene Found for Ghosal Hematodiaphyseal Dysplasia Syndrome: A Rare Syndrome with Increased Bone Density (DNA And You)
  • Home DNA tests on the up, ‘safer’ clinic DNA tests on the down (Genetics and Health)
  • Gene Plays a Role in Hair Loss Identified (The Biotech Weblog)
  • Extinction Fears of the Red-Headed Homo Sapien (GNIF Brain Blogger)
  • Where are brown people short? and Shadows of the Past in Genes (Gene Expression)
  • Genetics Cause of Smell Perception (
  • Why do we have common risk variants for metabolic diseases? (Genetic Future)
  • Researchers Discuss MEGF10 Gene Assocation To Schizophrenia (Scientificblogging)
  • Differences of gene expression between human populations (Anthropology)
  • Brain scan reveals cultural differences (Sciencebase)
  • Scientists Link Gene That Promotes Long Lifespan to Cholesterol (Biosingularity)

In the realm of personalized genetics:

  • NY Times: Insurance Fears and DNA Testing (DNA Direct Talk)
  • Ann Turner on Personal Genomics Companies 23andMe vs deCODEme and deCODE Launches PrCa Prostate Cancer DNA Test (Eye on DNA)
  • One Fifth of GDP! (Gene Sherpas)
  • Why should you get a free 23andme test? (bbgm)
  • 23andMe Adds Paternal Ancestry and an Updated Gene Journal (Genetic Genealogist)
  • New York Times: Genetics and insurance (Tracing the Tribe)
  • SNPwatch: One SNP Makes Your Brown Eyes Blue (Spittoon)
  • Global Awakening in Genetic Counseling (Scienceroll)
  • Your Future IS Your Genes: Diagnosing Bipolar Disorder from a Blood Sample (Living the Scientific Life)

    Genetic Futre ThumbnailThe next edition of Gene Genie will be hosted by DNA Direct Talk, watch out for it! For more information about the Carnival here.

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