Science is vital

More news that proves science is vital:

  • Is your dog a "bowl half full" kind of dog" – Dogs are either optimists or pessimists, according to a new study that helps explain why some dogs are less than calm when you leave them alone. They see the bowl as half empty rather than half full. Analyse, that! Woof!
  • Assigning an IP to your vital signs – Ever wanted your body to have its own IP address just like your laptop or smartphone? New technology assigns IP address to each of your organs, reports back to your Android phone. It sounds like a spoof but a Body Area Network (BAN), as opposed to a LAN, could be the future for monitoring health status remotely.
  • Hefty physicist weighs in on climategate – Slams ClimateGate scientists, calls anthropogenic climate change a pseudoscientific fraud, and resigns from American Physical Society
  • A plague on us all – Yersinia pestis bacteria clearly identified as the cause of the big plague epidemic of the Middle Ages.
  • Reflecting on reflexology and other "SCAMs" – dly, no one seems to have tested reflexology as an intervention for foot pain, a common complaint…
  • The many faces of red sludge – Bauxite refining to alumina is vile process producing twice the tonnage of red sludge waste than aluminium released by the process. This waste product hit the news this week as millions of gallons of the stuff spilled out from a refinery across West Hungary. Chemists are, however, looking for ways to make use of the red sludge.

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