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  • Antibiotics and budgets – Seven days. That’s the usual length of an antibiotic scrip – 3 pills a day for a week – 21 pills. But would 20 pills be okay? Would that eradicate the bacterial infection just the same? That’s a 5% saving. What about 19 pills? 18? Fifteen even? The savings on health budgets and insurance could be enormous. There is no science underpinning the usual 7-day prescription for antibiotics, it’s just a nice number, a magic number you might say, based solely on the 7-day week. The annual spend on antibiotics amounts to millions, 5, 7, 10% of millions is a lot of money…
  • Blood pressure chart – BP-chart is a rather useful online spreadsheet for keeping track of your blood pressure readings whether you’re home monitoring or simply keeping track of the doctor’s readings. If you’re reviewing your medication, then accurate records are essential and this site allows you to plot graphs or display a table of readings. It also shows you the proportion of your readings that are healthy, pre-hypertension, or in the high blood pressure region.
  • Gliese glides away – Earth 2.0 may be nothing more than an astronomical mirage. Probably just as well we didn’t have that space ship on the launchpad…
  • Sciencebase science legacy archive – Before I started using WordPress, I coded my site pretty much by hand, and from its origins in 1995 built up quite a large archive of science feature articles, news items, and interviews with scientists – 457+ to be less than precise – this is a sitemap of all those legacy pages that lie outside the normal Sciencebase blog structure for your browsing “pleasure”.
  • Detonation, that’s the name of the game – Nitroglycerine Detonation Filmed in Slo-Mo – Explosions: How We Shook the World, Preview – BBC Four

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