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  • Herpes target – UK scientists have used solution-state NMR spectroscopy for the first time to develop a 3D picture of a herpes virus protein interacting with a key part of the human cellular machinery. The study improves our understanding of how the virus hijacks human cells and could eventually lead to new targets for drug therapy.
  • Bacterial sense – A new biosensor platform for the detection of bacterial pathogens, specifically demonstrated with E coli, has been developed based on long-range surface plasmon-enhanced fluorescence spectroscopy (LRSP-FS). Chun-Jen Huang, Jakub Dostalek, Angela Sessitsch and Wolfgang Knoll of the Health and Environment Department, at the Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, in Vienna, explain how increasing awareness of food safety and the risks associated with various microbial pathogens carried in food and drinking water, in particular Escherichia coli O157:H7, mean identifying when such pathogens are present is becoming more and more important.
  • 7 of the biggest tobacco myths – When it comes to Big Tobacco, what we have are lies, lies, and still more lies. The myths about tobacco abound in all shapes and sizes. But being aware of these untruths can make you a better and healthier (non)consumer. More importantly, being knowledgeable about these myths can even save you life. Here are seven myths coupled with the cold, hard truth about tobacco use.
  • makes the most important chemistry search and chemical databases available – Redesigning (with graphene theme) my old ChemSpy site, adding new content, updating legacy pages, modernising, overhauling, rebuilding, reconstructing…you get the picture. Chemistry news and search.
  • 2011 conferences – Wendy Warr publishes her annual listing of conferences and meetings relevant to chemists and chemical librarians.
  • Free guide to science communication – Free ebook download of Frank Burnet’s “Why and how to communicate your research”

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