Deceived Wisdom World Book Day Offer

You can buy Deceived Wisdom in PDF, mobi or ePub format for your Kindle, tablet, phone, computer, device or other e-reader, drop me a line on feedback @ sciencebase dot com.

Kris Dyer, narrator of the Audible version: “I LOVED your book, it’s brilliant. Funny, insightful, entertaining, readable – everything a book should be.”

Deceived Wisdom officially launched 2012-11-08 and Sciencebase readers can download a specially priced electronic version (DRM free) in ePub, PDF or mobi format for their iPad, PC, Mac, or other system right now.

The book, reached #1 in Amazon Top 100 science publications and positive reviews from TV physicist Jim Al-Khalili and well-known journalist Francis Wheen saying: “Judging by the sampler, it’s my dream book. I may well have to order multiple copies as Christmas presents.” Science author and chemist John Emsley had this to say: “I really enjoyed the book and indeed read it all within a day. It really was unputtabledown as they say.” Brian Clegg calls it an “excellent collection of science surprises“, “a top notch box of chocolates“.
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Here’s the link for Amazon UK orders.

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