Sciencebase person of the year 2010

Anyone can pick someone famous, a Zuckerberg, a Jobs, a Gaga, and call them their person of the year. But, how about a personal person of the year? Here’s my pick of the people who have had the biggest impact on me this year, whether through their retweet efforts on Twitter, their comments on my Facebook page, or simply by being entertaining…so in no particular order:

Justin Reid – for the most entertaining, comical and intriguing posts.

Aboud Jumbe – for international and environmental scientific insights.

Ed Yong – the most aspirational and inspirational science blogger I know.

Stu Clark – for his writing, his prog rock credentials, and his twin-neck guitar.

Crispian Jago – Witty uber skeptic.

Jo Brodie – for twitter efforts, feedback and words.

Amit Agarwal – tech blogger extraordinaire, always seems to be ahead of the tips.

Jon Edwards – chemical press officer, always willing to help, critique and shred.

Martyn Poliakoff – for the hair, for the supercritical fluids and for the periodic videos.

NHS Choices Editorial Team – NHS Choices News staff expertly tear into tabloid medical stories in a much healthier and informative way than a certain Bad column.

And, if I had to pick one of those people for being the most informative, entertaining and amusing…am I here to amuse you? It would have to be Crispian. His latest side swipe at “the” anti-atheist troll that shall not be named is just hilarious, especially as said troll now frequents my Facebook fan page for some unknown reason.

Author: bob投注平台

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