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I’ve been on photo site/community 500px for years but only this year, with my focus on birds have I really got into the community. There are some stunning photos on there. And, it’s very gratifying to have one’s own photos seen and “liked”, of course. Here’s a contact sheet of my most popular snaps, all of which have had above a 95/100 pulse and a goodly proportion of likes from those that view them. In the array top row to bottom, left to right:


Sedge warbler | Female great crested grebe

Pectoral sandpiper | Avocets | Teasels | Common Kingfisher

Grey heron | Juvenile greylag goose | Female moorhen | Green woodpecker

Obviously, not all the photos I post on 500px are of birds, the vast majority are, but many of the insects, plants, landscapes and others do quite well, and in this case, the blooming teasels outstrip many of the avians. In my galleries at the time of writing: 92 bird photos, 43 general nature, 29 architecture, 18 flowers, 13 Misc.

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Award-winning freelance science writer, author of Deceived Wisdom. Sharp-shooting photographer and wannabe rockstar.