Research in the past and structural correctness

These are the latest science news links and snippets from Sciencebase:

  • Scientific Research in the Past – Literally a blast from the past: This item about science in museums and finding a job in museum research was posted on way back in 2005, but was originally an “Adapt or Die” feature article for the now-defunct
  • Are you sure that structure is right? – UK chemists have developed a computer program that can work out how likely a chemical structure is to be correct, or identify the right structure from a range of possibilities.
  • Cancer Carnival #37 – Bayblab hosts the 37th edition of the cancer blog carnival.
  • Latest arXiv preprint shows you how to store entanglement – “Stuff” is the way many physicists are beginning to think of entanglement: as a resource, rather like water or energy, to be called upon when needed in the new quantum world. These physicists want to be able to create entanglement, use it and store it whenever they need to.
  • A bumper harvest of biofuel news from C&EN – Lots of clean tech, green energy, alternative fuels info from the ACS’ blog
  • Magnetic leaves – Researchers have used a fig leaf as a template to produce a complex, hierarchical structure from the magnetic and conductive material iron carbide. X-ray powder diffraction allowed them to reveal how the biological template was able to create an intricate vascular structure in a ceramic product.

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