Sciencebase Upgraded

UPDATE: Since I wrote this post back in February 2008, WordPress has gone through many changes, updates on Sciencebase are automated these days too, which is marvellous.

I finally upgraded the Sciencebase site to the very latest version of WordPress, it had been languishing at version 2.1.3 (can you believe it?) for far too long. There had not only been dozens of security upgrades since that version and the current version 2.3.3 but various new features that the site was not making full use of.

It was a post by Wayne Liew that persuaded me to do the necessary and his recommendation for using a plugin that automates that whole process was the tipping point I needed.

Having carried out the upgrade (more on the actual WordPress upgrade process here) and found only a few minor problems, like a disordered sidebar, a couple of out-of-date plugins and just one irrelevant dead plugin, and fixed those as best as I could, I figured it was time for a weekend break. So my wife and I headed off to the seaside, abandoned the children with their grandparents and took off with the dog for a well-earned break at an artsy country town on the Suffolk coast. (bob游戏手机版 will appear soon on the Sciencebase Flickr account). Hence this trivial and possibly pointless post.

Back with a more substantial science based post later this week.

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