25 Scientific musos or 25 musical scientists

Science is fun, but there are times when even the most dedicated begoggled labcoat wearing bench monkey has to relax and lots of science types seem particularly drawn to playing music. Now, I’m not saying any of these people are bench monkeys, but they do all play music, as far as I know:

Harpist, musician, science writer, cake baker and knitter
oh_henry Henry Scowcroft
I write and geek for Cancer Research UK. This has nothing to do with them. Oh I play music too.
London, United Kingdom
A Royal Society of Chemistry PR, I like science, technology, media, journalism, Mac, PC, iPhone, guitar, jazz, rock, comedy and miscellany.
CameronNeylon CameronNeylon
N 55°56′ 0” / W 3°11′ 0”
Open Science, Open Access, and bringing more experimental techniques to the biosciences. I work for the UK STFC but tweets are my personal opinion.
bob投注平台 Science Writer, Cambridge, UK, loves family, conversation, guitar, photography, singing, walking, cycling…science
iPhone: 52.509792,13.377736
physicist, hacker, opensource dev, family guy, piano player
Erlangen, Germany
Physicist (PhD, Priv.Doz.), Theory of Complex Systems, Biophysics. Plays Jazz piano. Loves Japan.
lmuzzi luigi muzzi
Rome – Italy
physicist (superconductors; energy; nuclear fusion); piano player; critical consumer (GAS-Gruppi di Acquisto Solidale); hope in a more sustainable society
renehh René Steiner
Hamburg, Germany
I'm piano player, physicist, bridge player, husband, tekkie, golfer, father and finance director
Málaga! SPAIN!!
20 years old, I play guitar in a band called THE CRUSH, I study biology…and I love the music more than all 3
pathoadaptation MarkStrom
Seattle, WA, USA
Microbiologist/molecular biologist, genomics applications, Mac User, part-time blues guitar player
arareko Mauricio Herrera C.
Mexico City
alpinist. biologist. climber. dirtbag. geek. guitar/bass player. hacker. headbanger. photographer. traveler. ultrarunner. viking. ex-yahoo!.
robajackson Rob Jackson
Keele, United Kingdom
Chemistry Lecturer and Researcher in Computational Solid State Chemistry; Chemistry Recorder, British Science Association; trombone player.
mndoci Deepak Singh
Between a molecule and a byte
Manage biz dev for Amazon EC2. Scientist, musician, wannabe hacker, Open Data geek
ngeise Nick Geise
Tacoma, WA
scientist, musician, vegan, DIYer
Wirral UK
dad, chemistry teacher, plays guitar in soul/funk band, also into bach and mozart, movie fan
Sarokrae Chengy
Cambridge, UK
Nerd girl. *heart* Maths, Physics, bob投注平台 , Piano, Clarinet & Internet
Exeter, UK
The name's Ken. I'm studying for a BSc in Maths at Exeter University. I am a gamer, Arsenal fan and dispenser of wisdom. I play guitar, piano, cello, drums.
London, UK
bob投注平台 ian, physicist and podcaster. Not necessarily in that order.
San Diego, CA
bob投注平台 ian, aspiring Biologist, and amateur disc golfer. I like sports
formerly of Albany
Biologist, Webmaster, Mommy. bob投注平台 ian (vocalist), LIT (Librarian in Training) :-)
Adamleeguitar Adam Lee
Guitarist, prodcucer, musician, biologist! :-D
Preston, Lancashire
Biologist, Botanist, Writer, Illustrator & bob投注平台 ian, but not necessarily in that order.
Beaufort, NC
Marine Biologist, Writer, bob投注平台 ian, Purveyor of the Spineless, Evangelist of Open Access
bobmaccallum Bob MacCallum
The original, and best uncoolbob…

This is the original list of 25 scientific musos on Twitter, I won’t be updating it here. I will be adding to the actual live list on Twitter, at least until I have 500 members and then I’ll stop (that’s the twitter list limit).

I found out about this musical scientific site after I started compiling my list – http://scientistmusicians.wordpress.com/

Author: bob投注平台

Award-winning freelance science writer, author of Deceived Wisdom. Sharp-shooting photographer and wannabe rockstar.