Scopelessly in love with birds

I made a start on a bird book, but there are so many around, it seemed like a futile effort, once I’d done a bit of due diligence and spoken to my publisher. My plan was originally for a nice, bright and glossy, book of full-colour plates, but they’re expensive to repro in print. The unique selling point (USP), aside from my photos, was to be discussion of the etymology of the different birds’ names, their recognised names, their folk names, and their scientific names. But, then I found and read Stephen Moss’s excellent book Mrs Moreau’s Warbler, which basically covered it.

So, here, in part-work form are the first few chapters from the sampler of what was to be Chasing Wild Geese – Spotting your first 100 birds. Apologies if you put your name down for a more positive update regarding a hardback, unless somebody wants to take up the option this book may never materialise. That said, my list is up to well over 100 birds now, so I could add new chapters over the coming months if there’s enough interest.

Chasing Wild Geese – PDF sampler version with bonus chapter about the author

Preface –  Scopelessly in love with birds
Chapter 1 –  Robin
Chapter 2 –  Barn Owl
Chapter 3 –  Blackbird
Chapter 4 –  Wren
Chapter 5 –  Red Kite
Chapter 6 –  Kingfisher
Chapter 7 –  Mute Swan
Chapter 8 –  Blue Tit
Chapter 9 –  Kestrel
Chapter 10 – Yellowhammer
Chapter 11 – Linnet
Appendix –  Birding Glossary


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