Six science selections

  • My bloody camouflage – Coating blood cells with an immunological camouflage could one day lead to a new type of blood product that avoids the problem of A,B,O,± blood typing currently required for transfusion patients. NMR spectroscopy underpins the analytical work.
  • Beware the fear of nuclear….FEAR! – Nothing to fear, but fear itself.
  • How to Cool a Nuclear Reactor: Scientific American – Japan’s devastating earthquake caused cooling problems at one of the nation’s nuclear reactors, and authorities scrambled to prevent a meltdown
  • 25,400 scientific journals and more… – There are now 25 400 journals in science, technology, and medicine, and their number is increasing by 3.5% a year; in 2009, they published 1.5 million articles. PubMed now cites more than 20 million papers.
  • The Alchemist Newsletter: March 11, 2011 — Welcome to ChemWeb – The Alchemist asks this week whether NSAIDs are fit for purpose and discovers that topically they may well be, but only for a limited number of applications. Fluoridation is controversial health issue when it comes to teeth, but new research suggests its protective effect on dental enamel may not be so easily explained. In analytical chemistry, a new approach to oxygen sensors has been developed and in the criminal world, several chemists have become inadvertent inspiration for illicit syntheses. In Japan, researchers are brewing up hot toddies to improve their iron-based superconductors. Finally, chemists at Nottingham University famed for their video outreach have had a lot of fun with The Elements.
  • Ways to Go – What are your chances of dying (of a given fatality)?

My latest selection of six science stories, picked up by bob投注平台 Science Writer @sciencebase.

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