Soft Option for Hard Water

Hard water

Well, after a week of sinning, today’s post is more straightforward science news. First up, a soft test for hard water. Researchers in Spain have developed an inexpensive, reusable, and portable hard water sensor based on a fluorescing strand of DNA that could preclude the need for time-consuming titration and or laboratory-bound atomic absorption spectroscopy methods and so be used in the field.

Also this week, aqueous nanovalves. Researchers in the US have developed a new type of molecular nanovalve that can control the flow of small molecules trapped within porous silica spheres. the device could be used as a novel drug-delivery agent as it operates in aqueous conditions and responds to changes in pH.

Finally, in my spectroscopynow column, I discussed the cloudiness of ouzo, pernod, pastis, and related beverages. Now, the mechanism of the cloud formation has been revealed but I am still curious as to why those who imbibe such aniseed-based drinks get a second hit the morning after the night before, when they have a drink water. Anyone who understands what that is all about should leave their thoughts in the comments below.

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