Songs about stuff

I seem to have written quite a few songs during the last decade or so…many of them emerged from Arts Night discussions others written on a whim, some of them put together for my band C5, and others for a variety of other reasons.

I’ve summarised the essence of the lyrics of a clutch of them in a single word. The musical style may well not be that suggested by the word…who knows? Have a listen and do report back with any thoughts.

Violence – Helium Heart
Homelessness – Bridges Crossed and Burned
Drugs – White Line Warrior
Hope – A New Memory of bob投注平台
Compromise – Meet Me Half Way
Mourning – Place the Pennies
Fishermen – The Stormy Petrels
Fishwives – The Spate Gatherers
Chicago – A Northern Boy
Greece – The Oleander Fires
Refugees – Bridge of Sighs
Guncrime – Shooting Waste
Dancing – When the Beat Hits Your Heart
Humanity – For the Love of People
Beach –  The Long Sands
Christmas – Seasons of Love
Fascism – The Last Witchhunt
Heroism – Grace
Betrayal – Turncoats
Acceptance – The Sea Refuses No River
Gambling – Who is Fooling Who?
Espionage – Lost to the Weather
Trouble – In Deep Water
Stubbornness – The Tide that Never Turns
Devil – The Oldest Trick in the Book
Transitions – Mercury in Transit
Illness – Too Old to Die Young
Bowie – The Day that Bowie Died
Regret – Nothing to Be Sorry For
Fraud – Switch and Bait
Overindulgence – Burning the Candle at Both Ends
Hubris – The Mighty Fall
Cybersex – Push the Button
Sex – Wild Honeysuckle
War – Collateral Damage
Pleasure – Dopamine and Desire
Revolution – The Silent Spring
Homesickness – Sail Me Back
Eternity – Golden Light
Dictatorships – Put Them on Hold
Money – Gold and Silver
Relationships – Dawn Chorus
Perspective – Point of View
Patriotism – Foreign Shores
Loss – It Could’ve Been You
Radio – Radio Love
Abandonment – Escape to the Stars
Retribution – Dead Man Walking
Escape – A Flight of Fancy
Positivity – Sunny Days and Rainbows
Indifference – When Your Love’s Offline
Depression – Polarity
Security – Security High
Addiction – Winter Warmer
Disappointment – You Don’t Get What You Pray For
Funk – Funktastic!
Alcoholism – A Word to the Wise
Environmentalism – Pale Blue Dot
Ambition – Dreamcatcher
Faith – Faith in Humanity

Violence, Homelessness, Drugs, Hope, Compromise , Mourning, Fishermen, Fishwives, Chicago, Greece, Refugees , Guncrime , Dancing, Humanity, Beach, Christmas, Fascism, Heroism, Betrayal, Acceptance, Gambling, Espionage, Trouble, Stubbornness, Devil, Transitions, Illness, Bowie, Regret, Fraud, Overindulgence, Hubris, Cybersex, Sex, War, Pleasure, Revolution, Homesickness, Eternity, Dictatorships, Money, Addiction, Relationships, Perspective, Patriotism, Loss, Radio, Abandonment, Retribution, Escape, Positivity, Indifference, Depression, Security, Disappointment, Funk, Alcoholism, Trying, Environmentalism, Ambition, Faith…