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UPDATE: The poll is still running today, “more science” has dropped to quite a bit less than 2/3 and “more snaps” has jumped up to well over 1/5, proportion of voters asking for “more silence has fallen a little too.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I please myself with what I post on this website and my various social media. I’ve been online since January 1989 and started my first website in December 1995. was created in July 1999 and I was on Facebook, Twitter, and the others within the first year of their public launches, if I remember rightly.

So, to iterate, I do what I do for my own entertainment, although I am always very happy if my creative output entertains, educates, or informs others.

Anyway, I initiated a twitter poll before the end of 2019 to test the water on what my 42000+ followers there wanted more of from me in 2020. Not with any intention of changing what I do, but just to see if feelings coincided with my inclinations tweetwise.

At first, the pollsters came back with a resounding “more science” call, that gradually dropped from most of them to about three-quarters and then closer to two-thirds. Very few people wanted “more songs” and a few wags wanted “more silence”. There is pleasingly a strong one-fifth of the respondents who want “more snaps”.

Like I say, I’m not adapting to suit other people, but I had felt that I wasn’t posting quite enough science stuff, given my origins and so there could be a few extra posts on the various topics in that realm that interest me. Where I can illustrate a science story with my own photography then I will do a little more of that too.

The songs will keep coming, even if it’s less than one in ten of voters who want more of them. Of course, everyone might just prefer the status quo…although I will not be doing any covers of that band, I hasten to add. As for more silence? Well, I’m in a choir called bigMouth, so how do you think that last option is going to pan out?

Meanwhile, for those who want even more snaps (photos) – check out the Sciencebase Instagram, at the time of writing I’d almost got to 500 followers. I’d hoped to have reached that landmark by 2020 but it wasn’t to be. 1000 by the end of the ’20s?

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