Speckled brown butterfly

Snapped a speckly brown butterfly in the local woodland, went to my book…misread the page pictures, thought it was a woodland brown (Lopinga achine), but 1 AND 2 were of the same speckled brown species, the woodland brown is absent from British shores. Turns out to be a female speckled brown (Pararge aegeria). A lot less timid and flitty than many of the butterflies around, sunning itself on a nettle patch while I walked around it to get a couple of closeups. I was using a 600mm lens from about 3 metres away, but had to walk closer to it along the path to get to the other side for the open-wings view.

Thanks to Lisa King for correcting the error, I have now added the speciment to my invertebrates gallery on Imaging Storm.

Author: bob投注平台

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