Shrinking synchrotrons, stink bugs, odour vie

  • Shrinking synchrotrons – Details of a tabletop synchrotron device has been revealed by an international team of scientists in the journal Nature Physics. The new device could revolutionise X-ray work and preclude the need for large-scale synchrotrons in many structural studies without compromising resolution or atomic detail.
  • Kicking up a stink bug – Japanese researchers have used UV-Vis and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to help them develop a potential repellent for the invidious stink bug, an invasive pest species that has been spreading rapidly through the USA, invading homes and damaging crops.
  • Odour vie – Electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy has allowed researchers to study how nanoparticles can eliminate offensive household odours by removing the odour molecules at source rather than simply masking the bad smells.

Author: bob投注平台

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