Spring Moths

I’m slowly seeing new moths to my actinic light trap as the spring surges forward, a new one or two each day now. But, one of the stalwarts of the British mothing world posts to the major Facebook mothing group how he had almost 300 different moths to his trap, with 50+ species new for the year. I’m not sure I could cope and certainly wouldn’t be able to identify from memory all of the ones he cited.

My “haul” from last night was a lot more modest but interesting nevertheless…and manageable:

Shuttle-shaped Dart (7)
Male Muslin moths (3)
Double-striped Pug (2)
Hebrew Character
Common Plume
Waved Umber
The Mullein
Pebble Prominent

Recent moths new to my “list” for the year, so I’d never seen before.

Waved Umber
The Mullein
The Nutmeg
The Spectacle
Pebble Prominent
Sallow Kitten
Chinese Character
Scorched Carpet
Pebble Hook-tip

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