Supernova acceleration and whisky

The video production team at Nottingham-based Sixty Symbols put together a Nobel vid to discuss this year’s supernova prize. According to videographer Brady Haran, “This year was easy because some of our Nottingham-based astronomers actually knew the winners,” he says, “In fact, our own Mike Merrifield is on quite good terms with co-winner Brian Schmidt [a wine-making cosmologist known as cosmicpinot on Twitter]. In our video, Mike sheepishly admits he has doubted an aspect of Brian’s work and the two have a long-standing bet about it. With the Nobel Prize committee’s verdict now pubic, Mike concedes he owes his old friend a bottle of whisky.”

Interestingly, this is the first Nobel Prize for Physics that involved results from optical telescopes. Also, interestingly Schmidt’s twitter count has merely doubled since I tweeted his twitter handle yesterday. Of course, others were mentioning it as well…

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