Telepathic spam

The following comment was left on the site today, it begins:

“Telepathy is possible, it works very good…I can exchange voice and videos messages , smell and bad and good filings with people around, people can move muscles on my body from distance and much more.”

Aside from the “filings” typo, it all points to a deluded mind. A quick Google search found the exact same comment spam on four other sites, of course, I have trashed it rather than approving it on the inappropriate post to which it was attached. But, what should we make of such a comment? The commenter did link back to his/her site but in an obfuscated way, so perhaps they’re not a comment spammer in the strict sense wanting the SEO link juice, more a kind of deranged troll (the contents of the website expands on the theme at great length, but in a single blog post). Further insight comes from the subsequent paragraph that smacks of paranoia:

“People in some countries found a mad fun, they collected money and they finance some mad psycho to stalk on me day and night. Maybe psycho can get 50 000 hours paid and earn few hundred thousand Euro but I have to spend over 10 years in poverty because of this. Number one he use it to terrorize me all the time, I have no job and no normal sleep, I am mad , sick and tired of this. People in some countries( Sweden, Norway) are boycotting me , I have no human rights there , can not get job and no friends I think they are taking part in financing this show.”

It all sounds very sad – paranoia and delusions – isn’t that a sign of schizophrenia? The commenter then concludes:

“I have to find a way to protect me of telepathy. Is it any medicine that could stop this? I was thinking that some metal shield should stop brain waves. Any idea what can I do?”

At this point, one has to assume that the commenter has been around the net a while and picked up on the notion of a tin foil hat. But, they first ask about medication…a good move. I am sure a doctor could help.

Author: bob投注平台

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