Tellura, angiogenesis, favourites

Tellurium steroids, angiogenesis against cancer, favourite chemical things and more…

  • My name is tellura – Drugs based on tellurium catch the eye of Derek Lowe
  • Antiangiogenic "anticancer" foods – Can eating these foods help prevent pin-head sized cancers that grow in people from gaining the blood vessels they need to grow into something malignant? In other words, can we eat to starve cancer?
  • Spicing meat cuts cancer risk – They say variety is the spice of life, but spice has some hidden benefits in reducing the risk of absorbed cancer-causing chemicals from barbecued meat, apparently.
  • A few of my favorite (chemistry) things – One of the originals from the chemistry things meme to which I succumbed this week.
  • UK Geocoding – Want to know precisely where you are in the UK, just enter your postcode to get latitude and longitude.
  • Sunless tanning will not protect you – Fashionable (but generally ugly) spray tanning that gives caucasians a familiar orange glow do not protect them from UV skin damage caused by the sun

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